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The largest and most comprehensive mixed-use project in the East, consisting of semi-outdoor shopping centers, convention hall, condominium and residences, and hotels. Situated on the most strategic location, ready to respond to economic and travel expansion.
Showcasing the local strengths of Chanthaburi in every aspect, while also increasing employment as well as distributing income to community. An upgrade to the quality of living with green space, attention to detail to people’s well-being, and a strict hygiene and safety standard.


Mall highlights & updates

Suan Plern
a large green space that takes up 4 rai for you to chill, exercise or get a few good shots at surrounded by plants and trees.
Chom Chan Viewing Point
where you can see Bhakdi Rumbhai canal and observe a breathtaking 360 degree view.
Ruen Chanthaboon
a spot for photo taking, inspired by local unique charms.
Chan-Eng Courtyard
a plant market where you can find many local plants as well as many organic goods for you to shop for.
The Bunny of Central Chanthaburi
a cute bunny is a symbol of Chanthaburi province, in many poses and actions.
“Chanthaburi” typography
designed based on an inspiration from weaving pattern of Chanthaboon mat, a famous local product of Chanthaburi.
Chaan Chan
hip co-working space and cafes ready for you to pop by
Ploychan Zone
for gem and jewellery lovers, we’ve curated the best in class for you to choose from.
Chan Chao Market
a variety selection of street food local styles for you to have a taste of.
Jing Jai Market
fruits and vegetables, as well as local produce from local communities, delivered right to you.



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