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The Prosperity of the Capital


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The Wonderful Landmark of Ayutthaya
“Fun travel, fun photos” with 14 Must-Visit Instagrammable Landmarks at the shopping center both indoor and outdoor, where every spot comes with a bit of Thai twist.
The Wonders of Taste Through Time
Discover a local authentic experience with a slight twist, the best of Ayutthaya recipes, and Thai food and desserts made traditionally, all delivering you the real local classic culinary experience.
The Wonders of the Best and Most Exclusive
All that you need, all that is currently trending, all available only at Central Ayutthaya. Answer to all your needs and wants with all the shopping centers and plazas under Central Group all located here, only at Central Ayutthaya.
Magnificent Festivals of Ayutthaya
Have fun at Ayutthaya every day with cultural, music, art, food, local lifestyle festivals and activities all year round.
The Wonders of 16 Districts
Central Ayutthaya joined hands with Ayutthaya Community Enterprise to support and provide selling channels for local OTOP products curated from 16 districts of Ayutthaya.
The Wonders of Fun and Happiness
Stroll along Phranakorn morning and evening market, with many shops and activities for you to experience Ayutthaya all day and night!
The Completely Wonderful Trips
Our Transportation Hub and Tourist Information provides you with the most complete information at your convenience.
The Wonders of Happy Family Day
Quality Zone to respond to every family needs Central Ayutthaya Shopping Center has services to provide conveniences for everyone in the family, with activity zone such as indoor playground area with playsets that meet safety
Magnificent World Heritage Site
Ayutthaya Cultural Space is an educational, interactive museum about the history of Ayutthaya that will take you to the past to discover its glorious era



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