23 Oct 21

Must-visit places

While enjoying a unique shopping experience, visitors also get to explore different zones of the mall, each of which is not to be missed.

Asian Village
Location: 1st Floor, Semi-Outdoor

With its sophisticated and exotic ambience, the Asian Village of Central Si Racha is a new landmark of Si Racha where visitors come to have a good time, eating and shopping for top brands from around Asia all in one place.

Giant Green Space
Location: G Floor, Semi-Outdoor

The Giant Green Space has a lush green area of over 2,800 square meters, perfect for relaxation with a touch of nature and away from the hectic urban life. The Pet Park is a special zone where pet lovers can bring their beloved companions for a stroll while exploring or shopping.

Location: G Floor

For the first time in Thailand, each of the restaurants in Central Food Park has created a special menu with Si Racha Sauce as a highlight ingredient. The Central Food Park offers a lush atmosphere with use of the earth tone color scheme and earthenware motifs to give a feel of a true Si Racha home kitchen. Over 300 menus ranging from main dishes to desserts from renowned and leading restaurants are available here.


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