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Become The1 member to get special discounts, prvileges and services from Central Group and participa...
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The 1 Member Benefits

Join for free to start earning The 1 points everytime you spend in Central Group and our partners. Acess all member benefits and use your points to redeem rewards, convert to e-Cash Coupon or simply transfer to other members.

Get The 1 points

Accumulate The 1 points validity up to 2 years


Convert E-cash coupon

Redeem The 1 points to The 1 Cash Coupon

Transfer The 1 Points

Transfer points to other The 1 members or transfer to be our partners’ points

Get Discount

Get special discounts from Central Group and participating partners

Explore Endless Excitement All Around The World

Explore a world of everyday surprises created exclusively for The 1 Exclusive members. Access to unique benefits, unrivaled privileges and outstanding levels of services designed to meet your cosmopolitan lifestyle.

No The 1 Points Expiry

Never miss out on value by letting your The 1 points expire


Exclusive Lounge Access

Get exclusive right to access exclusive lounges at Central Group stores

The 1 Exclusive Parking

Get reserved The 1 Exclusive Parking Area with complimentary of the first 4-hour parking fee

Birthday Surprises

Receive a memorable birthday gift exclusively for you on your birth month
Join The 1 today & Start earning
Fully experience The 1 membership. Explore to surprise anytime, everywhere.
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Show your member barcode or tell your mobile no. to earn points and get member privileges


Redeem rewards

Browse and redeem exciting rewards using your The 1 points

Redeem 400 points

get discount 50 Baht

until 31 January 2022


Redeem 400 points

get discount 100 Baht

until 31 January 2022

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