Central Chiangrai
06 Jun 23

“Mango Sticky Rice”

Mango sticky rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang), a traditional Thai delicacy, is divine and delightful. A typical Southeast Asian delicacy, mango sticky rice is made with coconut sticky rice and served with sweet, fresh mangoes, salted coconut sauce, and crispy mung beans or sesame seeds on top. 

Mango sticky rice is a local Thai dessert. The ingredients can be found locally. Sticky rice that is made Mango Sticky Rice is Snake Fangs Sticky Rice. It has a sticky stickiness but not mushy, good smell, and a soft, delicious texture. When steamed with coconut milk, it is deliciously sweet and soft. For the mango, it is often used as Nam Dok Mai mango and Ok Rong mango. Because they have a beautiful golden yellow color, fresh, and sweet.

Mango sticky rice is a trendy dessert made from natural and local ingredients in Thailand. We have brought Mango Sticky Rice into Central Chiangrai for the tourists who want to try!  

Find your delicious Mango Sticky Rice dish on:

•1st Floor Food Park
•G Floor (Kad Luang)
•Tops Supermarket



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