Central Chiangrai
01 Feb 22

Must-visit places

There are a number of check-in spots visitors to Central Chiangrai do not want to miss.

Graffity wall

The Graffiti wall is a new check-in spot in the core area of the city of Chiang Rai. A result of the collaboration of art bridge Chiang Rai and street art Chiang Rai groups, the wall of the rooftop skate park displays street art works of local Lanna artists and is a popular place visitors love to post on their social media platforms.
Location: 7th Floor, Parking Area

Kad Luang zone

Kad Luang zone is a place to find local cuisine, Thai dishes and international food including Japanese and Korean, as well as delectable Thai desserts, all at inexpensive prices. The area is decorated in the unique art style of the upper northern region of Thailand and displays graceful Lanna craftwork.
Location: G Floor


Mask Group 4


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