Central Chiangmai Airport

Northern Souvenir Market Zone at Central Chiang Airport

Are you trying to find meaningful gifts to bring back for your loved ones?

Look no further than Lanna Souvenir, a quaint marketplace filled with treasures waiting to be shared with your family, friends, and loved ones.


Wondering what "Lanna" means?

Lanna (Thai: ล้านนา) It's a region in Thailand's northern realm, encompassing the enchanting provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and more. Here, the culture is vibrant and distinct, offering a rich tapestry of traditions and flavors.



Northern gifts can be found at Northern Souvenir Market Zone. In particular, souvenirs from Chiang Mai that are made of fresh produce produced atop the mountain, crispy dried fruits delicious desserts that are exclusive to the northern region. You can also send your loved ones flavorful frozen food without having to worry about it going to be spoiled, such as Lanna style sausage (called Sai Ua), pork sausage (Moo Yor).







兰纳纪念品店 (Lanna Souvenir) 提供北方礼品。尤其是清迈的土特产,都是采用山顶新鲜农产品制成的,香脆的干果、北方地区独有的美味甜点。您还可以寄给您所爱的人美味的冷冻食品,而不必担心它会变质,例如兰纳风味香肠(称为 Sai Ua)、猪肉香肠(Moo Yor)。

兰纳纪念品 (Lanna Souvenir) 位于尚泰清迈机场购物中心G 楼,提供来自清迈的精美纪念品!







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