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Hungry Guide 06 Jul 23

Beef lovers

Beef lovers will be hungry when they see these menu choices. Save the lists of the most popular beef menu items from favorite restaurants and be sure to taste them all at Central shopping centers nationwide!

📍  Daisen Premium Japanese Restaurant – premium grilled beef.

📍  Haidilao – the world-famous hotpot restaurant with a super delicious Mala soup!

📍  Kobe Steakhouse – great Thai Beef, second to none.

📍  Santa Fé – the happy station for beef lovers.

📍  Yakiniku Like – fast casual style with smokeless grill stove. 

📍  Nua Tair Plus – served for both Thai and international tastes.

📍 Thong Smith – premium delicious ‘boat noodles’, no need for additional seasoning.

📍  Tan Kun – amazing Thai beef.

📍  NARA Thai Cuisine – the smooth and delicate taste of Thai beef. 


🥩Daisen Premium Japanese Restaurant

Secret-recipe menu: Daisen Tokujo Set (L) at 2,650 baht.

Enjoy premium beef a la carte style, with a large selection of beef, with highlights such as Kagoshima Wagyu from Japanese purebred black cattle from Kagoshima, which received a gold medal from The Wagyu Olympics for its beautiful pattern, soft texture and unique fragrance. It is known as 'The Best of the Best Wagyu’.

📍 At centralwOrld.


🥩 Haidilao

Secret-recipe menu: Beef tongue at 960 baht.

The hottest Mala hotpot of the era with the highlight of various styles of soup such as Mala, with chili mix or without, pork bone soup, three-ingredient soup, mushroom soup, Tom Yam Kung (hot and sour shrimp) soup (with shrimps in it) and tomato soup. In addition to amazing dipping sauces such as seafood sauce, sesame sauce, Mala sauce, Suki sauce or mixed sauces based on Haidilao's recipe!

Meat lovers can't miss the beef tongue, blanched in Mala soup – add flavor with the restaurant's special sauce that perfectly enhances the flavor of beef tongue.

📍 At centralwOrld, Central Rama 2, Central Rama 3, Central Rama 9, Central Pinklao, Central Pattaya, Central Phuket Festival, Central Chiangmai.


🥩 Kobe Steakhouse

Secret-recipe menu: Beef Steak Set at 269 baht.

Kobe Steak House offers good-quality Thai beef with freshness and softness, cooked in Teppanyaki style and served as a set with salad, rice, miso soup, and the three signature types of dipping sauce; end your lovely meal with fruit and tea/coffee.

📍At centralwOrld, Central Rama 3, Central Pinklao


🥩 Santa Fé

Secret-recipe menu: Imported steak X Made by TODD sauce (multipurpose chili sauce: Made by TODD by Todd Piti Bhirombhakdi) at 349 baht.

Excellent beef steak selected from the best sources with special-recipe spice mix and meticulously grilled until fragrant to make a delicious steak served at this station.

📍 At centralwOrld, Central Rama 2, Central Rama 3, Central Rama 9, Central Pinklao, Central Bangna, Central Chaengwattana, Central Rattanathibet, Central Ramindra, Central Chiangmai Airport, Central Marina, Central Pattaya, Central Chonburi, Central Khon Kaen, Central Udon, Central Lampang, Central Suratthani, Central Ubon, Central Hatyai, Central Chiangmai, Central Samui, Central Salaya, Central Rayong, Central WestGate, Central EastVille, Central Nakhon Si, Central Korat, Central Mahachai, Central Si Racha, Central Ayutthaya.


🥩 Yakiniku Like

Secret-recipe menu: Tokubetsu Moriawase Set (premium set) at 599 baht.

Authentic Japanese fast-casual style grill restaurant with smokeless and personal grill stove – with no lingering smell of smoke (personal stove is available in a single-seating zone or ‘Solo Dinner’, or you can enjoy a shared table for several guests). Your orders are served quickly – within 3 minutes. The recommended menu selection is only available at centralwOrld, which is the premium beef set that includes beef sirloin neck, prime rib, prime Karubi and skirt steak.

In addition, there are several recommended menu items such as Karubi Set, 100g beef priced at 189 baht, and Like Set, 250g beef priced at 429 baht with beef selection from the United States and Australia.

📍  At centralwOrld.


🥩 Nua Tair Plus

Secret-recipe menu: Rib Eye Truffle Sauce at 790 baht.

Meeting the needs of people who want to enjoy delicious quality beef with a variety of menu selections, both Thai and international. Minced beef with basil and fried egg is the restaurant's signature menu item that uses the front part (chuck) of beef, minced, with the brisket part that contains fats that give the unique aromatic fragrance of Australian beef. The Isaan Tiger set includes Australian beef brisket, grilled on charcoal for an aromatic fragrance, served with a spicy sauce and a refreshing papaya salad. Fettuccine beef ragu combines the taste of an intense ragu sauce and top (inside) round beef which is very soft and tender.

📍 At centralwOrld.


🥩 Thong Smith

Secret-recipe menu: Thong Smith’s Spicy Grilled Rib Eye at 529 baht.

Thong Smith’s Spicy Grilled Rib Eye (Australian Wagyu Slide, meatballs, stewed beef, stewed tendon) – Thong Smith’s signature menu selections use premium ingredients especially carefully selected Australian Wagyu Slide that is so soft it melts in your mouth, along with Thong Smith’s recipe Namtok soup for you to embrace a new experience of ‘boat noodles’ that will change your life forever!

📍 At centralwOrld.


🥩Tan Kun

Secret-recipe menu: Beef roti at 490 baht.

A steak and Thai-fusion restaurant inspired by the early-middle Rattanakosin period combined with modernity under the concept of 'Traditional, Organic and Fusion', using high quality and healthy ingredients. There are a variety of recommended beef dishes such as charcoal grilled beef steak, Tan Kun beef and rice, Ork Ya tender beef Thai basil, Harami beef and rice.

📍 At centralwOrld.


🥩 NARA Thai Cuisine

Secret-recipe menu: Sirloin Green Curry at 350 baht.

Enjoy Sirloin Beef Green Curry, Nara's special recipe is a popular beef dish with the fragrance and smooth taste of beef, perfect with hot steamed rice. Other recommend dishes for beef lovers are:

•Grilled Sirloin Steak served with Sticky Rice at 890++ baht, charcoal-aromatic medium rare premium grilled beef with a Thai-style spicy sauce.
•Spicy Grilled Sirloin with Lemongrass & Mint Salad at 590++ baht, medium rare grilled beef mixed with a wide range of herbs, giving a strong Thai-style perfect combination of flavors – sour, salty and spicy that go well with all dishes.

📍 At centralwOrld.



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