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Central shopping centers always on guard nationwide


33 Central shopping centers nationwide are the heart of communities for people throughout Thailand. We never stop focusing on our hygiene policies to ensure safety for all customers in every visit.

We pioneered our hygiene and safety master plan “Central Guard Up, Highest Safely & Confidence”, assuring its highest standard and with extreme measure. Taking care of customers, shops, everyone and every day. We take this seriously at all times and on every surface, for processes that you both see and don’t. Starting from big cleaning as a preventive measure consistently everyday, we are strict in every step of screening, we sterilize the air conditioning system with UV-C light, and improve touch experience in the usual consumer touchpoints. We also have robot assistants to provide more convenience and partner with shops and restaurants, where everyone follows policies on shopfront and backend.

We still strongly follow 5 core ideas to ensure hygiene and safety procedures
1) Extra Screening
2) Social Distancing
3) Safety Tracking
4) Deep Cleaning
5) Touch-less Experience
For you to be confident from the first step into Central shopping centers, we would like to be a part in helping all of us to prevent and care for all, in times of new normal together,



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