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Surf the streets with surfskate!


Surfskate is still in the hype of the moment. No matter where you go, you still see people carrying boards. Some might think this is not a sport, but fashion that comes and goes, so let’s take a look how much of a sport this really is!

Surfskate is categorized as a type of extreme sports, where original skateboarding and surfing is combined. The equipment used for surf skating has been developed over time, so it feels more like real surfing.

The difference between the board of normal skateboard and surfskate is that, this has been adjusted to move more flexibly, easier to turn left and right, or to even do a 360 degree snap.

And yes it does look easy, but oh boy, you should try, it really gets them muscles burning. And it doesn’t only have health benefits, but many other benefits that come with this sport.


Burns calories like Cardio + Weight Training

Surf skate

Pumping, sliding, and snapping works your muscles like running, and also tighten parts of your muscles.
So just 30 minutes on the board burns about 340-600 kcal.



Total body fit & firm

Surf skate

Not only does it help you become more lean, it also makes your legs, stomach & thighs more firm. Don’t think it’s that easy, because surfskating is like you are repeatedly doing squats on unstable surface. Trying to stabilize your entire body on this board helps with core muscles improvement.



Blood circulation, improves lungs and heart functions

Surf skate

Continuous movements for your entire body helps improve heart rate, blood circulation, and lung functions.



Stress relief

Surf skate

Riding on surfskate and letting the wind touch your face — that’s the closest to the feeling of freedom.
It reduces anxiety, not to mention the fun from being able to control the movement of the board.



New circle of friends

Surf skate

When you grab a board to new skate parks, you are meeting the circle of people who are interested in the same thing.
It’s not the sports itself that helps, but getting to talk and meet new people helps relieve stress from other things.



You should pay attention to the area you are going to surfskate in — it has to be a flat, dry surface with no pits, or else you will easily slip into accidents.

There are many areas in front of Central shopping centers for surfskaters to hang and have fun, check the opening time and prepare to pump and ride!




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