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Get firm & stay fit @your desk


Overloaded with work and no time to go to the gym? Not a problem, you can workout right from your work desk!

No equipment required, no walking required. YOU JUST NEED TO MOVE! (It’s best you stick to a non-rolling chair though)

You ready? 1…2…3…Let’s do it!


Move No.1: Knee-to-Chest Raise

(3 sets / 15 times for each set)

Knee-to-Chest Raise

Place your arms on the armrest, adjust your position. Then lift both of your knees to your chest, without bending your chest down.



Move No.2: Elbow-to-Knee

(3 sets / 20 times for each set)

Move No.2: Elbow-to-Knee

Place your hands behind your head, then move each knee to the opposite elbow. Switch, alternate sides.



Move No.3: Hand-to-Toe

(3 sets / 20 times for each set)


Rest your foot flat on the floor. Extend your arms to your shoulder level. Use your right hand to touch your left toe, and switch, use your left hand to touch your right toe.



Move No.4: Side Bend

(3 sets / 15 times for each set)

Side Bend

Sit straight, extend your arms to the side, bend your arm and body towards your left side, touch your foot, then switch sides.



Move No.5: Chair Side Kick

(3 sets / 10 times for each set)

Chair Side Kick

Place one arm on the chair backrest, lift another arm up, then raise your leg to touch your arm. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.



You can adjust the number of sets and times. Maybe start slow…wait till your body gets used to it and then push yourself a little. Don’t be too harsh on yourself though, we don’t want you to get hurt! AND don’t forget to stretch before and after each round of exercise.

If you wanna add some positive vibes to your daily exercise and stretch, you can pick sportswear to match your mood of the day. Add some styles easily at Supersports, or check out other sportswear shops at Central Department Store!

Now take a seat and get moving! 😊




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