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Must-have gadgets for Covid-19 Pandemic


With the Covid-19 breakout, you have to pay attention to the gears you carry along with you every day, in order to keep yourself safe. We certainly need some gadgets to help answer those needs to keep our belongings clean, for us to be ready to fight Covid-19.

Here are the selection of gadgets we’ve carefully chosen for you, to guarantee that your everyday will be safe and disease-free!

UV Sterilizer Box

helps disinfect your belongings. Sanitize items like mobile phone, watch, earphones, keys, banknotes, and even your surgical mask, with UV-C light which is safe for your electronic devices.

Recommended INVISIBLESHIELD UV Sanitizer

Wearable Air Purifier

Feel safe with purified air anytime and anywhere. Have confidence in every breath. The negative ions are produced to create an invisible ion mask around your face to create a shield and help suspend particles and viruses from you.

Recommended IBLE Wearable Air Purifier



UV and OZONE Sterilization Lamp

This lamp kills germs as well as reduces unwanted odors for a cleaner home or work environment in just 30 minutes. Best suited for small space.

Recommended XIAOMI UV AND OZONE Sterilization Lamp

UV Light Sterilizer Bag

With UV-C light, and coated inside with Aluminium film, helps reflect the UV light for a full coverage disinfection. Just 15 minutes helps kill germs and bacteria up to 99%, and can easily bring around on the go!

Recommended FOCUS UV Light Sterilizer Bag price: 1,090THB

Location: Power Buy x B2S



Sterilizing Box

Operates by using UV light and hot air drying, helps completely remove germs and bacteria. Energy sufficient, and pocketable for home or travel use.

Recommended SMATE Sterilizing Box


These are must-have gadgets you need to have for this season! To keep yourself at ease and safe from germs and Covid-19, check these gadgets out at Central Shopping Mall!


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