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Central Chanthaburi is the region’s largest mixed-use development, pioneering the ‘Charming Chanthaburi’ concept in all aspects. Its presence will create a new economically thriving area and Center of Life. The semi-outdoor complex includes a hotel, residential area and convention hall that will accommodate future growth of the EEC. Central Chanthaburi will be the jigsaw piece that enhances the province’s potential and will be the ‘Center of Well-Being’ for the city. Being more than just a shopping center, Central Chanthaburi has a 4-rai green area that functions as a public park for the city, comprising a running track, bicycle parking, exercise equipment, a social park, a Family & Pet Playground, and cafés, and it will also be the first complete sports destination in the province with its multi-purpose space spanning more than 4,000 m2 in a high-potential location in the heart of the city


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