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Thai boat noodles are a decadent dish of rich, fragrant broth.

This cuisine goes by the name Guaytiew Reua (Guay Tiew means noodles and Reua means boat), was originally made, served, and eaten on canalways. They are widely available today.

A Thai-style noodle dish, Guaytiew Reua includes beef or pork as well as dark soy sauce, and a few other ingredients; pig blood, salt, and spices are combined to season the soup. Most commonly found in Guaytiew Reua are Sen Lek (a mid-width flat rice noodle) and Sen Mee (rice vermicelli).



However, a Guaytiew Reua is incomplete without the dessert, Kanom Tuay (Thai: ขนมถ้วย), the incredibly delicious steamed coconut custard puddings served in shallow sauce bowls. The kind that is creamy, fragrant, with a great touch of soft and chewy texture and pandanus scent. Having Kanon Tuay after Guaytiew Reua is incredibly amazing! 

So, do you only have to be on the boat to have a Thai Boat Noodle?


Absolutely not!



You can try out Thai Boat Noodle in Central Chiang Mai.




Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant (G. Floor)

Thai Boat noodles in Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant come in several varieties, including vermicelli, egg noodles, and rice noodles. There are other delectable appetizers are available such as spring rolls, boiling fish with a hot sauce, fried chicken wings, Thai fish cake, and more. The menu comes in English, Chinese, and Thai, as well as photo-assisted ordering, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any delightful delicacies.

Food Park (4th Floor)

Thai Boat Noodle is one of the amazing foods available at Food Park.



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