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Thai Tea

Thai tea ranked as the seventh-best non-alcoholic drink worldwide

Thai tea named 7th best non-alcoholic drink in the world, known as Cha Thai or Cha Yen in Thailand, is a popular drink made by combining black tea with condensed milk and topping it with evaporated milk. This orange-colored drink is typically served cold with ice, and it is commonly presented in a tall plastic glass with a straw at local beverage shops.

            Thai tea  made from Ceylon tea, milk and sugar, and served hot or cold. It is offered in many Thai restaurants and is well-liked in Southeast Asia. Thai iced tea is what it is known as when served cold.

            If you love the non-alcoholic drink, We recommend Thai Tea for the tourists who want to try



被评为世界第七最佳非酒精饮料的泰国茶,在泰国被称为Cha Thai或Cha Yen,是一种将红茶与炼乳混合并在上面加上淡奶制成的流行饮料。 这种橙色饮料通常加冰冷饮,在当地饮料店通常用带有吸管的高塑料杯盛装。

         泰式茶由锡兰茶、牛奶和糖制成,可热饮或冷饮。 许多泰国餐厅都提供这种菜肴,并且在东南亚很受欢迎。 泰式冰茶就是所谓的冷饮。



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