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Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang), a traditional Thai delicacy, is divine and delightful. A typical Southeast Asian delicacy, mango sticky rice is made with coconut sticky rice and served with sweet, fresh mangoes, salted coconut sauce, and crispy mung beans or sesame seeds on top.

Mango sticky rice is a local Thai dessert. The ingredients can be found locally. Sticky rice that is made Mango Sticky Rice is Snake Fangs Sticky Rice. It has a sticky stickiness but not mushy, good smell, and a soft, delicious texture. When steamed with coconut milk, it is deliciously sweet and soft. For the mango, it is often used as Nam Dok Mai mango and Ok Rong mango. Because they have a beautiful golden yellow color, fresh, and sweet.

Mango sticky rice is a trendy dessert made from natural and local ingredients in Thailand. We have brought Mango Sticky Rice into Central Chiangmai for the tourists who want to try! 


芒果糯米 (Khao Niaow Ma Muang) 是一种传统的泰国美食,美味可口。 典型的东南亚美食,芒果糯米是用椰子糯米做成的,配上香甜的新鲜芒果、咸椰子酱,上面撒上酥脆的绿豆或芝麻。

芒果糯米饭是泰国当地的甜点。 成分可以在当地找到。 用芒果糯米做成的糯米就是蛇牙糯米。 粘稠而不糊状,气味好闻,质地柔软可口。 当与椰奶一起蒸时,它又甜又软。 对于芒果,它通常被用作 Nam Dok Mai 芒果和 Ok Rong 芒果。 因为它们有美丽的金黄色,清新甜美。

芒果糯米是一种时尚甜点,采用泰国当地的天然食材制成。 我们把芒果糯米饭带到了清迈中部,给想尝尝的游客们!


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