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The Wonders of Fun and Happiness

Stroll along Phranakorn morning and evening market, with many shops and activities for you to experience Ayutthaya all day and night!

Be it a One Day Trip or a 2-day-1-night stay, you can experience the leisure around Ayutthaya and extend your happy and relaxing time to be longer than you expected.


Start your trip with meeting at Lan Phranakorn morning market, sip coffee and have some breakfast while planning the entire day trip. If you are still uncertain or hesitate on where to go to, simply visit the Tourist Information. All good? How about renting a Thai traditional dress and taking photos like you are travelling back in time before going around Ayutthaya!



If it gets too warm out in the afternoon, stay in the shade and dine in famous restaurants here. But if you truly want to sample authentic Ayutthaya culinaries, there are so many Thai dishes and desserts for you to choose from. When the weather gets a bit better, you will be more energized to just go out and continue with your trip. But who knows, you might wanna shop for all the famous brands here and local souvenirs for friends and family.



Dinnertime is easy, with various options for all food lovers. The restaurant selections here can really help you fulfill even the pickiest taste buds. And a walk to digest and chill with the atmosphere of our evening market can be a wonderful way to relax!


When the night arrives you can head back or maybe the wonders of Ayutthaya really gets you and one day was not enough. You can always find a hotel to stay the night. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Ayutthaya experience can never end in just one day!


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